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  About Us


Welcome to Cubiculo, the specialist in toilet cubicles system.

Based in Malaysia, we are offering a wide range of toilet partitions wall panel systems in washroom, restroom, bathroom, changing room and shower room, as well as bespoke quality toilet cubicles supply and install services based upon phenolic laminate compact board and phenolic compact board for lavatory sector.

Our toilet cubicles system provide the qualities of durability, wear and humidity resistant, and it's easy to maintain. Our entire toilet partitions products available in a range of color choice and design including solid, dust, woodgrain, aluminum effect, customize design and layout to meet the market requirement today.

A keen sense of good services and customer satisfaction is our main goal!

Selection of Quality Products for Toilet Cubicles Partitions Systems

Cubiculo Toilet Partition System is ideal for both wet and dry areas, where high stability, durability and hygiene are highly in priority. The quality features that we install for our Toilet Partitions Systems included:

• Chemical resistance
• Wearing resistance
• Impact resistance
• Heat Resistance
• Moisture and steam resistance
• Extremely durable
• Easy to be cleaned and maintained
• Scratch Proof

Advantages of Using Toilet Cubicles Partitions VS Brickwall Toilet Partitions:

1. Fast pace of installation works, which could save your time in the project delivery.

2. It’s easy and no extra wet work involved. That will helps reduce your workload and also saves on space compared to brick wall partitions.

3. The toilet partitions system is water-resistant. The top & bottom gaps of the doors not only ensure air ventilation but also aid zero water & dust logging.

4. Safe & easy to handle by public, no matter for children or the handicapped.

5. The toilet partitions system is easy for maintenance and is served for future upgrade.

Where the Toilet Cubicles Partitions can be Used in?

Public Utility Spaces at Malls, Multiplexes, Airports, Hotels, Stadiums, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Office buildings, Clubs & Amusement Parks, Factories, Etc.

Project Delivery Guide for Toilet Cubicles Installation

We estimated the entire installation could be finished approximately within 7-8 days (exclude weekend & public holiday) depend on site conditions & number of units.

For special condition requests, please feel free to contact us.

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